War Behind The Wire Radio Plays

The Very Important Prisoner

1st Broadcast 22nd September 1977 BBC Radio 4


James Follett

Directed by

Maurice Leitch


It was the simplest escape of all. There were no searchlights, no tunnels or knotted blankets, and no barbed wire. Alexander Todt and Doris Blake walked to the station and caught a train to London. Todt was a model prisoner but his love for an English girl and the wish to return to Germany as soon as possible after the war, led him to attempt to escape with Doris before his official repatriation.


Alexander Todt Martin Jarvis
Doris Rosalind Shanks
Narrator Geoffrey Matthews
Voices of  
Character Name Not Known Paul Meier
Character Name Not Known Jane Knowles
Character Name Not Known Nigel Graham
Character Name Not Known William Eedle
Character Name Not Known Sandra clark

James Follett Comments

None so far.

Running Time

45 Minutes


Based on A Taste Of Freedom by Robert Jackson


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