Saturday Night Theatres Radio Plays

The Destruction Factor

Part 2 World Without Fire

1st broadcast 18th March 1978 BBC Radio 4
January 2004 BBC 7



James Follett

Directed by

David Spenser


" My father was a man haunted by a nightmare and obsessed by a dream.

The nightmare was the memory from his days with the United Nations- of starving men, women and children in the poor countries of the
world. And his dream was to see those deprived people fed....

Last year he started on a project that was such a closely guarded secret that not even I knew what he was doing. He subjected seeds to radiation and succeeded in producing a plant mutation....

If there are plants in hell, they'll probably be like the plants my poor father created. "


Max Flinders T.P.McKenna
Denise Exon Rosalind Adams
Howard Rogers Paul Copley
Blowers Michael Shannon
The Prime Minister Noel Johnson
Shand Gregory De Polnay
Corporal Gregory De Polnay
Dymond Rod Beacham
Technician Rod Beacham
Wayne Roy Spencer
Farmer Roy Spencer
Television PA Mary Elliott Nelson
Helicopter Pilot Peter Wickham
Sachs Denis Goacher
Miss Andersson Diana Olsson
Scott Gerald Cross


James Follett Comments

None so far


Running Time

88 Minutes

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