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The Missing Bits

This page is mainly about the bits on the website that I know are missing, or items that I would like to add to this website.

( If you are reading this how come there are no links to this page on the site)

Its mainly here so that I can remember what I was doing on the site the last time I looked at it.

Missing original treatment for Apes in space, Novella of Gemini Apes, exact broadcast dates for all Dirks produced programmes and cast lists and synopsis ( Boy this is a large list! )

What all the awards are what they look like and a website to refer to.

Cast pictures on each page and a master gallery of all the pictures of all the actors

Remarks by David on those production he got to hear and like or dislike........ And help on producing a Dirk Maggs website logo, as I have no graphics no how what so ever!

Radio Show Ideas that I would like to be Made Website Ideas


Top Five Maggs Actors Website Ideas

The Lost Maggs Novel Website Ideas

Dave's fav Maggs Productions Website Ideas (Started this)

Actors In Dirk Maggs Radio Productions Website Ideas

Dirk Maggs Actors database Website Ideas


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