Dirk Maggs Quotes

This is a list so far of all the quotes that Dirk Maggs has made that I have found in print

If I have missed any quotes then do let me know via the contact page and I will correct any errors (David Williams)

"Audio can go anywhere, do anything, at a fraction of the cost & effort & sheer hype of the picture business.

In fact our downfall is that we don’t make enough fuss about how really great it is"

Dirk Maggs 2007


"I'm just hoping that the new generation of phones & iPods proves the limit to which the visual medium can convey real drama

that people would rather have widescreen entertainment beamed directly onto the Imax screen of their imagination,

than squint at a piddly 2.3 inch screen... and you can get the Ironing done... "

Dirk Maggs 2005


"Radio! it's a medium that works in ways that television & film can only dream about, It allows the audience to participate in the thoughts & emotions of the characters while providing special effects generated by the most sophisticated computer on the planet - the Human Brain"

Dirk Maggs 2005

"Film & tv are second rate media compared to audio! This is where the best pictures are,

the human brain is the best Special Effects workshop in the world"

Dirk Maggs 2005


"Great audio touches people inside, and leaves an impression that's hard to erase"

Dirk Maggs 2005

The Biggest and the most visual medium of all-Radio!

Dirk Maggs 2004

"Radio comes second to no other medium - it's the best"

Dirk Maggs 2004


Dirk Maggs truly creates ‘Movies for the Mind’

Roger Gregg Crazy Dog Audio Theater 2004

"Audio is the best medium to tell stories in – bar none!"

Dirk Maggs 2004

“Maggs is just the man; he is the Phil Spector of Radio 4.

As in the Wall of Sound”

Simon Jones 2004

“Audio theatre, or radio drama, is much better than TV”

Dirk Maggs 2004


“Audio theatre bypasses the optic nerve, sneaks through the side-door

and paints a picture in the mind more compelling than any you could be shown.”
Dirk Maggs 2004

"I think that radio is the hardest medium of all

made even harder, because we have to record half an hour in a day"

Dirk Maggs 2004


"The mind is where the REAL pictures are ...

the better the soundtrack, the more vivid your imagination."
Dirk Maggs 2003


"Radio is the most wonderful medium!

Because it bypasses the optic nerve, sneaks in through the side door

& paints a picture on your imagination that pictures never can"

Dirk Maggs 2002


"Audio Theater, this is a unique creative form which can realize worlds beyond the capacity of the visual media"

Dirk Maggs 2003


"Don't forget talking heads are for Television- NOT Radio !"

Dirk Maggs 2003


"Radio is the most wonderful medium!

Because it has no limits, no frame, no proscenium arch. It is 360 degrees in all directions,

and reaches as far as human imagination can stretch"

Dirk Maggs 2003




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