Dirk Maggs Trivia

This page is really just for fun on really silly Dirk Maggs trivia

with links to where the trivia comes from on this website

Maybe you'll find something on this website that you have over looked.

Last update 12 November, 2004




Most Episodes in a series

First Produced Radio Item

Longest production


Wrote Gemini Apes


Best Looking Actor


Founder of AML


Best year for production so far


80 Episodes of Judge Dredd


Dave's Favs


???? Minutes of Radio Produced



Surround Sound


10 Writing credits for radio


Horrible History

Drummer in a Band


Largest Cast for a Production


Won a few Awards Radio Oscars


Most popular Male Actor


Deviser of a radio series


Which show by Dirk had 1 Million web hits



No Radio productions that start with the letters

E, H, K, O, Q, U, X, Y, Z


Current Number of radio productions made so far is 72


An Average Airtime Per Radio Production of 87.6 Minutes


Average Airtime Per Episode 16.8 Minutes

Total Airtime (in minutes) Produced 6310


An Average of 5.2 episodes per production



Most popular Female Actor


379 Episodes Produced of radio


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