The Amazing Spiderman

1st Broadcast January -March 1995 BBC Radio 1



Dirk Maggs

Dirk Maggs

Dirk Maggs



Dirk Maggs

Dirk Maggs



Dirk Maggs

Dirk Maggs


Produced for

BBC Radio Light Entertainment BBC Radio 1



How spiderman came to be.



Broadcast Date
Jan 16 1995
Episode 1 It's Clobberin' Time!

Jan 17 1995

Episode 2 Here Comes the Human Torch!

Jan 18 1995
Episode 3 Get a Life, Parker!
Jan 19 1995
Episode 4 Ouch, It Bit Me!
Jan 20 1995
Episode 5 Jeepers, My Zit's Gone!
Jan 23 1995
Episode 6 That's the Greatest Act I've Ever Seen
Jan 24 1995
Episode 7 This Guy Could Be a Threat
Jan 25 1995
Episode 8 I'm Strictly in It for the Cash!
Jan 26 1995
Episode 9 Spiderman Should Be Banned!
Jan 27 1995
Episode 10 Uncle Ben's Dead and It's My Fault!
Jan 30 1995
Episode 11 Look, Up on the Wall!
Jan 31 1995
Episode 12 Spidey, You're Box Office Poison!
Feb 1 1995
Episode 13 Can I Cash This Check, Please?
Feb 2 1995
Episode 14 Doctor Octopus? In There ...?
Feb 3 1995
Episode 15 Hey! You're Talkin' to a Superhero!
Feb 6 1995
Episode 16 The Good Doc Has Flipped His Lid!
Feb 71995
Episode 17 I Ain't Dyin', I'm Spiderman!
Feb 8 1995
Episode 18 I Think He's Sorta Cute!
Feb 9 1995
Episode 19 Goodybye, Spiderman!
Feb 10 1995
Episode 20 I Blew It!
Feb 13 1995
Episode 21 I'm Spiderman, I Wanna Join You
Feb 14 1995
Episode 22 There's a Nice Boy Under that Mask!
Feb 15 1995
Episode 23 I'm the Sandman
Feb 16 1995
Episode 24 Find Me a Fresh Pair of Pants
Feb 17 1995
Episode 25 These Kids are My Hostages
Feb 20 1995
Episode 26 I Can't Pull Free
Feb 21 1995
Episode 27 Say Ya Prayers, Web Head!
Feb 22 1995
Episode 28 Take Your Shot, Bookworm!
Feb 23 1995
Episode 29 I Ain't the Thing Anymore
Feb 24 1995
Episode 30 Ben, You Okay?
Feb 27 1995
Episode 31 Enter the Green Goblin
Feb 28 1995
Episode 32 Greetings, Web-Spinners
Mar 1 1995
Episode 33 I'm a Pumpkin Bomb
Mar 2 1995
Episode 34 Spiderman Turned Chicken
Mar 3 1995
Episode 35 I am Prince Namor
Mar 6 1995
Episode 36 I Will Return to Atlantis
Mar 7 1995
Episode 37 Admiral! The Prisoner's Escaped
Mar 8 1995
Episode 38 Farewell, My Love
Mar 9 1995
Episode 39 Stop That Aircraft!
Mar 10 1995
Episode 40 That's No Torpedo!
Mar 13 1995
Episode 41 Doctor Doom Has Returned
Mar 14 1995
Episode 42 What a Disgrace!
Mar 15 1995
Episode 43 Welcome Home Submariner!
Mar 16 1995
Episode 44 Catch Me Spider-Man!
Mar 17 1995
Episode 45 We All Know Where Doom Is!
Mar 20 1995
Episode 46 Kill the Idiot in the Spider-Suit!
Mar 21 1995
Episode 47 The War Has Started!
Mar 22 1995
Episode 48 Help Me, Doctor Doom!
Mar 23 1995
Episode 49 Spidey! You're My Hero!
Mar 24 1995
Episode 50 I Will Have My Revenge!



William Dufris
Peter Parker
William Duffris
Lorelei King
Sue Storm
Lorelei King
Betty Brant
William Roberts
J Jonah Jameson
William Roberts
Uncle Ben
Peter Marinker
Reed Richards
Buffy Davis
Aunt May
Jonathan Kydd
The Green Goblin
Gary Martin
The Thing
Gary Martin
Ben Grimm
Gary Martin
The Dead Dormammu
Garrick Hagon
Prince Namor
Garrick Hagon
The Sun Mariner
Eric Meyers
Johnny Storm
Eric Meyers
The Human Torch
David Bannerman
Flash Thompson
Michael Roberts
Doctor Doom
Michael Roberts
Simon Treves
Doctor Octopus
Anita Dobson
Liz Allan


Production Crew

Not Known at this time


Recorded at

Not Known at this time


Music composed & Arranged

Mark Russell


Spiderman Theme

Brian May


Comment by Dirk Maggs


‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ was really fun to adapt and direct. Stan Lee’s energy makes reading the original comics a treat, and it was great to work his realistic and irreverent approach to the comic book genre into scenes which could not always be filled wall-to-wall with action. Listening back there's still not enough foley (movement, clothes rustling) in this for me. Movement foley, even the most subtle, helps reinforce a sense of reality, of people existing, not just propped up to say their lines.

Bill Roberts as J.Jonah Jameson still cracks me up. A terrific terrific actor, and as a sort of bonus, When he blew a line he swore like a trooper, it made editing very hard work - but hilarious. I still think he gave the definitive version of JJJ. Bill Dufris who plays Spidey is now living in Maine and is the US voice of kid’s favourite ‘Bob The Builder’.

The signature tune for Spider-Man was by Brian May - not only a big Spidey fan but a terrific bloke. (This is high praise for a guitarist, coming from a drummer ... er, 'drum owner' !)



This from an Interview by Ty power


"The decision to return this character back to its earliest roots was not a conscious effort to make the production noticeably more light-hearted in contrast to Batman, as some people have claimed. It was a deliberate attempt to reflect the freewheeling, enthusiastic spirit Stan Lee brought to comic books. I loved that gung ho attitude and I felt Spidey needed to hit the wall running, as it were. The early Marvel titles in the 1960s were bustling with flip jokes, sight gags and irreverence for pomposity. Our version had to reflect that.

"There's no point in doing this if you can't have fun! In fact there were gag reels for all the series we did. But Spidey was such a laugh that I incorporated some of the stuff into the credit sequence. The other stuff was unbroadcastable! Part of it is using actors like Michael Roberts (who Played Dr Doom), who are always improvising, always 'on'. Mike had us in stitches. One minute Dr Doom was threatening Spidey, the next he's turned to the microphone and is plugging his own Home Shopping channel! There IS pressure and the BBC and Copyright holders are breathing down your neck, especially when you're having to knock out three-minute episodes that are full of action and progress the story. As a result a lot of nervous energy gets translated into laughter... thank goodness.

"The guys in the Marvel UK office were very pleased with our 'Movie Without Pictures' version of The Amazing Spider-Man. In fact a really great guy called Tim Quinn, who was the editor here for Marvel Comics at that time, was the person who first came up with the idea, and indeed got Brian May aboard to write the music. A copy was sent to Stan Lee, but we never heard back. I expect he was too busy to look at it. Sadly, most audio stuff in the USA is so bad that he probably figured it was another cut-price single voice reading. But it was a fan's tribute to him, in fact to everyone in the Marvel bullpen in the early sixties."

Running Time

Orginally broadcast as 50 3 minute episodes

120 Minutes


Cast Pictures

William Dufris
Garrick Hagon
Anita Dobson



Other Items


Dirk Maggs Radio Productions On Tape/ CD


Review By Ty Power


What Others have said

“This is just what you'd hope for from a Marvel Comic Book dramatised for radio. It's a high powered, fast paced, richly produced and wonderfully performed audio movie... Dirk Maggs’ production is infinitely superior to the embarrassingly sluggish Spiderman brought out by Simon & Schuster."

AUDIO THEATER.COM Website, Spring 2001

“Maggs’ forte is more than marshalling the apt accent: he midwives the whole acoustic of American popular culture onto the airwaves, a rich soundtrack, along with lashings of irony. No wonder people so readily compare radio as a medium with film ...”

ANNE KARPF, The Guardian, January 21st 1995

“... Dirk “Mr Genius” Maggs, as Brian May calls him, is Writer Producer Director behind Spider-Man ... Were any Archers fan to tune in, their eyebrows might be raised at the adventure and the ground-breaking effects (and wall-smashing, bomb-exploding effects for that matter)...”

NICHOLAS BARBER, Independent on Sunday, 5th February 1995


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