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Since Romulus and Remus had a punch up over their new-found land, the Romans’ lust for power was second only to their cruelty,

greed, and all round bad behaviour. Plus the award ceremony for the rottenest Roman of all time. OK so they invented central heating and straight roads. So what?




Joan of Arc wasn’t the only heroine of the middle ages. More axe-wielding ladies with a taste for chopping more than parsley. Plus tales of silly chivalry, and joust a minute.




Mostly lootin’ and putting the boot in, with the occasional pause for sagas of wicked dwarves and stupid giants. Plus a Blue Peter style introduction to battlefield first aid.




The ghastly truth about evacuation, gasmasks, and sweet rationing, the mystery of the missing chocolate bar and the strange tale of the hairy monster of the blackout that turns out to be a….aaaaaaaaaargh. A good link is HORRIBLE HISTORIES



Comments by Dirk Maggs

The Horrible Histories books are a big hit in the UK for kids. The production company needed to get a big sounding show out of limited studio time so I recorded the voices cold and then took the takes away to edit, tracklay sound effects and mix. The results are suitably epic - I hope!



Broken Sword III: The Sleeping Dragon

Dirk is the voice director for this adventure game which has been produced by

Revolution Software

This is from Revolution

Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon is Revolution’s most ambitous project to date. The idea was first discussed back in 2000 and it was clear from the start that the game would have to be both bold and radical to be a worthy successor to its forebear, Broken Sword – The Shadow of the Templars. To this end, BS-TSD represents a mix of old and new. Central to Broken Sword are the themes of conspiracy, historical mystery and, of course, George and Nico and an epic quest for justice. From the beginning, Revolution’s goal was to introduce Broken Sword, and adventure gaming, to as many players as possible. To do this we have developed a game that will exploit the capabilities of both modern PC’s and consoles. Recognising that half of all BS1 and BS2 players were PSOne gamers, BS-TSD will be fully optimised in terms of graphics and interface for PC, PSTwo and XBOX.

Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon will release for PC, PSTwo and XBOX November 2003


A website all about Broken Sword

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Released: 13.11.2003 (complete release info)
Published By: THQ, Inc.
Developed By: Revolution Software, Ltd.
MobyScore: 3.8 (out of 5)
Platform: Windows -- combined view
Also for: PlayStation 2, Xbox

Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective
Non-Sport: Detective / Mystery, Puzzle-Solving

Revolution Software Limited

Director Charles Cecil
Head of Development Francesco Iorio
Artistic Director Steven Gallagher
Lead Section Design and Implementation Steve Ince
Audio Director Ben McCullough
Project Management Richard Lilley
Section Design Charles Cecil, Ross Hartshorn, Jonathan Howard, Dale Strachan, Tony Warriner
Implementation Ross Hartshorn, Jonathan Howard, Dale Strachan
System Programming Andrew Boskett, Francesco Iorio, Patrick Skelton, Chris Stewart
Tools Programming David Sykes
Audio System Programming Jonathan Mitchell
AI Programming Tony Warriner
Effects Programming Laurie Cheers, Francisco Viciana
Lead Artist Sucha Singh
Artists Jason Haddington, Michel Montecchio, Emanuele Salvucci, Gurmita Singh, John Stopforth
Lead Character Artist Demis Trevisson
Animation Michael Thomas Ryan, Mark Thackeray, Veno Prendergast, Steven Gallagher
2D Artists Allan Bednar, Linda Smith
Technical Art, Research and Development Emanuele Salvucci
Concept, Visualization and Storyboarding Allan Bednar, Oscar Chichoni, Ros Allen
Supporting Art Director Allan Bednar
Story and Game Design Charles Cecil, Neil Richards, Steve Ince, Tony Warriner
Dialogue Neil Richards, Steve Ince, Jonathan Howard
Story & Script Editor Neil Richards
Sound Effects Michael C. Kelly, Stuart Rimell, Ben McCullough
Additional Sound Bob and Barn
Music Ben McCullough
Music Assistant Elliott Rush
Additional Music Trouvere
End Credit Music Written and Performed By We Love You
PR Simon Byron (Barrington Harvey PR)
Voice Director Dirk Maggs
Voice Actors Rolf Saxon, Sarah Crook, Alison Pettit, Andrew Secombe, Bob Golding, Jay Benedict, John Bull, Laurence Bouvard, Peter Marinker, Rachel Rodgers, Rachel Preece, Simon Treves, Seamus O'Neil

Lead Quality Assurance Tester Darrell Timms
Quality Assurance Testing Matthew Lee, Ben Haddock, Luke Robinson, Kevin Craven, Tom Robinson
Business Affairs Noirin Carmody
Administration Louise Cooper

Plastic Wax Animation Pty.

Assistant Direction and Lead Animation Phil Lukasz
Animators Peter Spinaze, Hugh Carrick-Allan, Aaron Grove, Glenn Wilson, Christopher Harris, Damien Mahoney, Stephen Casey, Matthias Reiche, Maximillian McMullin, Michael Allison
Character Artists Shamus Baker, Guy Robinson
Artist Support Tyrone Maddams, Kris Pedlow
Compositing Clayton Diack
Special thanks to Adam King (Systems Administrator), Sotiris Bakosis (Lip Synching)
Project Management Phil Lukasz, Anthony Pittorino (commercial director/business affairs), Roger Maddams (CEO)

Sumo Digital Ltd

Consultant Steve Lycett
Additional Programming Chris Rea, Tom Sedden

Six By Nine Limited

Consultant Sam Brown

French Localization

Translation and Recording Around the Word
Localisation Management Sophie Cristobal
Director Eric Guimbault
Cast Patrick Borg, Serge Thiriet, Nathanièle Esther, Jean François Aupied, Philippe Bozo, Brigitte Berges, Nathalie Ohms, Emmanuel Curtil, Pierre Prévost, Denis Boileau, François Jaubert, Philippe Roullier, Luc Bernard, Pierre Tessier, Laura Blanc, Martial Le Minoux

German Localization

Tonstudio Toneworx GmbH
Regie Antje Roosch
Supervisor Marc Buro
Tontechnik Andreas Gensch, Henry Sperling, Kai Uwe Eiserbeck, Martin Schmidtke
Produktionsleitung Jörg Mackensen
Aufnahmeleitung Heiko Rieck
Cast Achim Schülke, Alexander Schottky, Antje Roosch, Bernd Stephan, Christian Stark, Daniela Reidis, Eberhardt Haar, Erik Schäffler, Frank Schröder, Frank Thomé, Franziska Pigulla, Gernot Endemann, Henry König, Ingo Abel, Isabelle Grothe, Jan Ivo Möller, Jörg Gillner, Joshy Peters, Kai Hendrik Möller, Katja Brügger, Klaus Nietz, Konstantin Graudus, Kristina von Keller, Martin May, Michael Krowas, Pius Maria Küppers, Reent Reins, Robert Missler, Svenja Pages, Till Huster, Wolf Frass

Italian Localization

Versione italiana a cura di Synthesis International
Traduzione Riccardo Riva, Andrea Della Calce
Cast Claudio Beccari, Elda Olivieri, Stefano Albertini, Marco Balzarotti, Luca Bottale, Lorella De Luca, Massimo Di Benedetto, Raffaele Fallica, Leonardo Gajo, Emanuela Pacotto, Emiliana Perina, Luca Sandri, Paolo Sesana

Spanish Localization

Versión española realizada por Synthesis Iberia
Traducción Gabriel Pérez-Ayala
Cast Adán Latonda, Arturo López, Enrique Suárez, Esther Rodríguez, Fernando Hernández, Gloria Armestos, Jesús Barreda, Jesús Díaz, Montserrat Vega, Salomé Larrucea, Salvador Serrano, Tomás Rubio

Babel Media Limited

Quality Assurance Babel Media
Project Manager Simon Lawrence
Quality Assurance Co-ordinator Edward Buffery
Technical Quality Assurance Jonasson Lochner, Chris Goldsmith
QA Testers Aakash Bhardwaj, Amit Takroo, Bharat Purwar, Bhaskar Senapati, Debjyoti Bose, Deepak Joshi, Dinkar Goel, Harvinder Singh, Himanshu Gupta, Jasvinder Singh, Kaushal Singh, Mohua Bhowmik, Priyam Dutta, Ravi Sharma, Sachin Sen, Saurabh Garg, Saurabh Yadav, Simon Banerjee, Sumit Arora, Tanul Singhal, Vinod Nair, Sami Hamid, Ed Taylor-Nottingham, Joseph Harvey, Joe Shetcliffe, Richard Startup, Sam Wrightman, Rob Swan, Chris Sullivan


Director of European Product Development Mike Gamble
Senior Project Manager Roger Carpenter
Project Manager Iain Riches
Assistant Project Manager Phil Wright
Technical Director Kish Hirani
Submissions Manager Florence Kum
Global Brand Management Michael Pattison, Mickey Torode, Emma Ledda
Special thanks Susanne Dieck, Bernd Kurtz, Andreas Herbertz, Patrick Fedtke, Thomas Dalamitros

The Adventure Company

President Richard Wah Kan
VP Marketing Marshall Zwicker
Executive and Line Production Robert Stevenson
Acquisitions Manager Annette Béchamp
Product Managers Byron Gaum (Xbox), Renata Richardson (PC)
Graphics Department Manager James Meecham
Creative Director Desmond Oku
Graphic Design and Layout Edward Hatim
Lead Illustrator Russell Challenger
Director, International Communications Nick Malaperiman
PR Coordinator Tara Reed
QA Manager Mike Adams
QA Lead Mike Mitres
QA Staff Dan Dawang, Matthew Dickson, Chris Elliott, Aldo Fazzari, Ryan Gavel, Yohany Lee, Nick Mucci, Chris Nesbitt, Shing Pang, Matthew Richardson, Matthew Szymanski, Justin Wah Kan

Revolution Special Thanks

Special thanks Adobe Systems Incorporated, Alias Systems, ATI Technologies Inc., NewTek, NVIDIA ® Corporation, Sophie Cristobal, Max Reynaud, Marc Buro, Martin Spiess (for his enormous support), Sean Brennan (for his inspired ideas), Graeme Struthers (for having faith), Simon Jeffery (for his competitive edge), Francesca, Aldo e Resy, Gabriele, Anto, Maxx, Barbara e Giulia, Laura, Mum and Dad, Simon, The Greased Cougar, Zhou Dan, Louise Howard, Madeleine Howard, Ravinder Kaur, June Sutherby, David Ince, Jason Ince, Shaun, Emma, Caitlin, Linda, Luke, Matthew, Imogen Wiltshire, Damian Murphy, Paul and the team at SoundDogs, St Michael le Belfrey, The Random Rabbit, Pro-Plus, The Babel Hit-Squads, Graham Dunnett, Ciara Cecil, David Cecil, Alexis Dallemagne, Luke Robinson, Mike Rigby, Keith Herdman, Marie & Joe, The King's Arms, Anger Brew, Dariush, Trond Tenfjord (Jojo), Patrick Palmer (Patrick), Dave Bonny (dave), Dan Wilkinson (Dan), Matthias Holz (Murray), Peter Brooks (G256), Denis Zabaleta (dhz), Jaimie Nicholls (Gunnerholic), Alex Pinkney (alex), James Gallen (Aranolorion), Steve McMahon (Steve), Rowan, Ben Shakespeare (Jedi-Dude), Tom Baynham (Wildfire), Tony Marklove (Mr Arrrggh), James West (Westy), kh kh, Isak Isak, eero otsus, Rini Musch (cyber shadow), Simon Byron (byronicman), Gary Cook (Cooky), Liam Johnston (liamjoint), Amy Roy (Rinny), Andrew Davies (littlefrank1987), Simon Acheson (Sim), Steafno Mac (Maccarinelli), Matthias Mangelsdorf (Malachit), Dang Joe (Diddly), John Cilliers (BBJ), Kevin Reuter (Pikkoenig), Peter Winckles (Moosferatu), Hannah Turton (Hannah), Kaanthan Jawahar (cricket__man), Sandy Love (Sandy_Love), Luke Hammond (Luke), Victor Coates (Biggie), Uwe Kurt Langmann (Kurt), Kristoffer Stenman (ShrimpKebab), Chris Furey (ChrisF2k), Marcus Tsui (D_Image), Michael Pretender (pretender), Bruno Parra (buruno_p), Sam Piggins (Babylon Tim), Ash Mari (Kitti), Laurent Grigann (Grigann), Kenneth Collins (larryleprechaun), Prunas Adrian (push2play), Bas Paap (Bas), Daniel Smith (smithers), Michael Whittard (mwhittard68), Matthew McCluskey (clucky2k), Marcus Waller (GrungeKing), Carl Gillblad (Carlius), Norman Krystad (nkrystad), Bill Marvel (blacklab1936), Carl O'Neill (carloneill), Martijn de Rade (I Love Cookiemonster), Sunder Iyer (kujo_jotaro), Baz Akehurst (Baz), Johnny Walker (JohnnyWalker), Owain Paciuszko (kingoftheducks), Cal Graham (MadHatter), Josh Engwer (yazh), Simon Mckenny (si), Laurent Diaz (laurent), Anthony Wood (tony__wood), Tom Farrar (Fazza), Sander Smid (sandersmid1984), Brian Hazuki (Ryo Hazuki), James Harding (Jimmy1), Stefan Tegnhammar (Zniff), Ilya Rostovtsev (theEXIT), James Kelly (JAMBO), Lee B, Stella Stenroos (Stello), Christian Pass (foe), Helen Berrington (FieryFred), Gregory Gulc (greg_gulc), Fredrik Dalman (feffe), Maria Wong (mysticbabe), Julia Bailey (julie13bailey), Andreas Woerdehoff (Woerdy), Mischa Brendel (Skizzo), Paolo Lanata (Guybrush), Marek Bronstring (Marek), Anders Olofsson (Pappapisshu), Vegan Paladin (Paladin), Sven Cadario (samIamsad), Maciej Kaczynski (Reptil3), Falko Schröder (fatnose), Ingo Lässig (Dardalus), Vangelis Karaplios (megavag), Carl Brich (mr futon), Michal Trepka (case), Tamara Schembri (curacao), Jostein Moen (Joe), Tom Arbour (zarathustrian), Jonas Sjöqvist (Halgwet), Patrick Brown (Whitefield_Wesley), Jaf Marshmallow (jaf), Andy Mishler (amishler), Remi Olsen (remio), Richard Green (LasNaranjas), Sergej Enns (HellSpawn), Esseb, Quakester 2000, Jussi Eskelinen (deadworm222), Devin Mullins (twifkak), Bobby Chedie (Bobby), Jeroen Lebègue (Jerry), Craig McGuire (Craig), Michael Kelehan (mkelehan), Alan Dale (adale), Cibbe Olsson (cibbe), Kieran Klein (KKLEIN), Sander Schuckman (Geinstein), Benjamin Willbery (Benjamin's Brain In A Jar), Billy Bergus (robotnik Q), Andrew Anderson (TheGame), Ana Rita Cruz (Babicitera), John McCormick (JohnCalMc), Tony Byus (TonyB), Adrian Uren (auren69), Malte Rücker (mbr), Jérémy Dernard (Derje Boven), Denis Mann (DBM), Sebastian Hickey (Bobacino), Tom Osborn (Tommy_Oz), Andreas Krämer (Alrik Fassbauer), Valerie C, Dominic St Leger (DomStLeger), Rasmus Lindholm (BSGeek), Tony Nikulin (Tony_N), John Morgan (jmorgo22), Nikos Doganis (dogaman), Sebastian Nagels (OviGuybrush), Tam Do (TK-Hadou), Distorted, Christian Flobrandt (Xeltek), Dave DivideByZero, Jon R, Matthias Oborski (Mo), Lars Christian Hoff (Ambulancechaser), Ben Ben, Jerome Moreau (ZorkZeno), Joost Peters (joostp), Ellen van Engelen (Ellen), Jonathan Gray (khalek), Tobias Jahns (fauler_sack), Alexander Gerlach (Zweikastanien), Thilo Baumbach (Storm), Vinzenz Lehnert (Vinz), Radek Martin (Paluszak), Maximilian Hollstein (fuzzi), Daniel Strauss (Klaw), Frederik Schroff (voodooslm), Sebastian Breier (Tomcat), Maximilian Dobrunz (seehund), Mario Schlimper (globetrekker), Frank Sannwald (dj_frank), Jan Schneider (DasJan), Felix Ullrich (Ullmann), Juergen Goessnitzer (Tiroler77), Jörg Hofer (SPrax), Michael Hons (JediKnight23), Saulo Benigno (saulob), Leo Casey (leoc), Olgu Guenal (l-bizzaro), Mäje Bender (grobbisch), Christian Beelte (Kurito), Tobias Aufderheide (bobby.a), Christoph Wagner (Chris Solo), Tobias Grabmeier (LeChuckie), Paul Seddon (Dusk), Liam Johnston (Crimson Mask), Chris Faiers (chrisfaiers), Justin Bostock (streetcutter), Mukilan Thangamani (muntedman), Phil Thomas (foldy69), David Karlsson (Nerix), Torben Bohn (Pakfan), Sean McEwan (BigMacDaddy), Luke Ashall (LA), Dennis Talajic (Gex), Soren Winther (Furious Yellow), Harald Carlsson (HeinzHarald), Frankie Inguanez (fraki), Michael Stobbart (stobbart), Chris Santos (Outlaws), Jiri Valis (Georgee), Luke Gaze (pliskin), Pal Magnus Gullbekk (augon), Damian Ratcliffe (Inferno), Jonathan Foster (fozi999), Gurujee Swetachandan (gurujee), Toby Atkin-Wright (Toby Atkin-Wright), Morteza Dabiri (Morty), Bob Brown (Bob-san), Jürgen Randma, Samir Bloomfield (00blooms), Kevin Becker (KM3K), Wilfred Tieman (Pheonix), Kamal Daniels (beepcarlos), Adriano Trovato (BonsaiCat), Bryan Roberts (thetinker), Steven Clark (baphomentt), Max Gee (maxgee19), Sogi Sogi, Jawwad Ahmad (Cuckoo), Terry Gee (tigger1979), Mary-Framces Dorward (maryfrances), Thomas Bottrill (goweb), Dave K, Adriaan Snoeren (aad_baldie), Tom Baramuszczak (Tomb), Stu Kirby (Stu), Jan Sperling (ghoost), Michael Madsen (Pidgeot), Florian Boire (omega_21), Andrew Blake (BlakeyA), Jo Patton (Eldarion), Tommy Alfons (Hekker), Aleksander Garbarz (Olek), Gerard Braad (g_braad), Larry Coetzee (Lazzitude), Nicholas De Leo (Old Nick), Josh Crick (drang), kee keee, Dylan Nash (dylannash), Graham Dempsey (Shieshky), Justin Pawlenty Justin (Justin), Porsteinn Vilhjalmsson (Fenrir), Nobu Eriksen (Nobu), Samuel Costa (S4M4), Jason Hibbs (Jasonhuk), Ciaran Devlin (ciaran1), Gareth Larmour (Krazle), Rebecca Farr (Hawkeye), Tom, Daniel Jakobsne (Dekard2027), Azar, Thomas Pert (brot), David Amador (^DJ_Link^), Juan Martin de Iparraguirre (Demitry), Edd Harry (Edge), Nathaniel Williams (BSfreak), John Attal (Stouf), Giannis Fournaris (ggfournar), Saman Aref (saman3), Boris Lenauer (Bigking), Alex Holland (Cloney), Martin Gypps (stebby3), Mikael Hermansson (Radisshu), Don Tyti (M2), Martin Trojan (Mythus1), Rolf Neugebauer (zanato), Henrik Nordgren (Enemtee), Tobias Allvin (Alucard), Yaojunsu Yaojunsu, Oliver Exelby (gandalfwea), Jeroen Devillé (omikron), Pedro Duarte (stalker), Jyri Nikkanen (Jybbe), Jemma Rea (jejules), Marc Schüpferling (DaFORK), Mat Wad (pzmatek), Matt Blackburn (MDTB), David Stevenson (DMSX88), Martin Sandell (Xidon), Paul Lehner (Recca Hanabishi), Nysha Walker (THEGAMEARTISAN), Simon Breslav (eatergator), Aaron Gibson (Oubier), Oliver Kiehl (olki), James Brown (Ender2), Brett Feinberg (BSBrett227), Thomas Watkins (snake), Lee Windebank (Leew), Tobias Bjorndal (pablo2k), Alan North (northy), Michael Lee (magimix), Terence Smith (Terence), Christopher Haskayne (Hi There), Jan Kovats (Scarfy)

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games in the MobyGames database:

Marshall Zwicker, 31 other games
Richard Wah Kan, 31 other games
James Meecham, 27 other games
Chris Elliott, 27 other games
Robert Stevenson, 27 other games
Aldo Fazzari, 25 other games
Mike Adams, 24 other games
Bernd Kurtz, 23 other games
Yohany Lee, 22 other games
Mike Mitres, 21 other games
Nick Mucci, 21 other games
Tara Reed, 20 other games
Dan Dawang, 19 other games
Daniel Smith, 19 other games
Nick Malaperiman, 19 other games
Susanne Dieck, 18 other games
Michael Thomas Ryan, 18 other games
Martin Spiess, 18 other games
Russell Challenger, 16 other games
Renata Richardson, 15 other games
Robert Missler, 15 other games
Tony Byus, 15 other games
Matthew Dickson, 13 other games
Michael Pattison, 13 other games
James Brown, 13 other games

People who have worked on this game have also collaborated on the creation of the following games:

Traitors Gate 2: Cypher, a group of 25 people
Jack the Ripper, a group of 22 people
The Black Mirror, a group of 22 people
Mysterious Journey II: Chameleon, a group of 21 people
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Dark Fall: The Journal, a group of 19 people
Painkiller, a group of 19 people
Emergency Fire Response, a group of 19 people
Crystal Key II: The Far Realm, a group of 19 people
Arx Fatalis, a group of 18 people
The Egyptian Prophecy: Fate of Ramses, a group of 18 people
Circle of Blood, a group of 18 people
Aura: Fate of the Ages, a group of 16 people
In Cold Blood, a group of 15 people
Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado, a group of 15 people
Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure, a group of 14 people
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The Cameron Files: Pharaoh's Curse, a group of 14 people
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The Mystery of the Mummy, a group of 12 people
Iron Storm, a group of 11 people

Comments by Dirk Maggs

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