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David Williams


This is just a wish list of programs ideas that I would love to be made. As such, I suspect that it will change over time with more productions being added

Some of the ideas are such that they will never be made, unless I had the odd million or 2 laying around, but its fun to dream. David Williams

Alastair Reynolds'


The Real Story


The story was published in 2002 and is in the short story collection Zima Blue.

I think that it could be done with a cast of only 4 voices, this story has the scope for some really great soundscapes, but it needs some clever adaptation.

The type of voices you use will be most important as one of them has to be life weary, and they will all need to carry the story and where it is based

Music could be a great help in this story, as it needs to get across some of the changes in mood.


As one thing you have to get across, is how different things are in the story world compared to ours, yet both worlds are very much the same

The story could I think (for what is is worth) be done in 30-45 minutes.

Neal Stephenson's




The next idea will never be made as I know the production costs would be huge.

I think that only a Director like Dirk could make this audio movie, I don't think Hollywood has the money to do this story any justice

This would be a multicasts recording which cry's out for full use of 5.1 and all the sound effects you can throw at it.

Voice casting would be a challenge.

Adaptation would also be hard.

This story would I think need about 5-6 60 minute programs to do it justice.

Stephen Baxter's


Mayflower II


An easy one to make I think, not sure if in these days the BBC would go for it

I think that with the right treatment this book could end up as 5-6 30 minute episodes key to it working will be how it was adapted.

Some very good voice talent would be needed as some of the subject matter is hard to get across to the lister.

Stephen Baxter's


Mammoth Series


I know that there are 3 books in the series but I think that either the whole 3 books

could be made into a series or several storylines from each book could be brought together

with a bit of a rewrite by Stephen to make mammoth the radio series.


I think which ever way you go that 6-8 30 minute programs would be needed.


Several problems do need to be solved for this to be a radio series

Getting Stephen to do a rewrite or to adapt his own work in a medium that he has not worked in

Getting a production company and a broadcaster to do

Figuring out just how big an audience there would be for such a series.

Dirk Maggs


Gemini Apes 2


This has to be here as it was the first Gemini Apes program that got me interested in the work that Dirk had done

I think 1 90 minute pro gramme that either gives us more in what happened next


an alternative Apes where things did not happen in the same way

What I mean is what about if the apes got to space later?

Problems with this idea are many

Getting Dirk to write the story

Getting Dirk to direct it

getting all the cast back before voices are lost to us

Getting a broadcaster to go for it(well there are no strange accents in it)

Mike Stott's


Bunn & Co III


Yes I liked series I and II and wanted a series III

But for some reason it has never happened which is sad because quite a few people liked the series

Mike's writing and humour are something we could well do to have more of.

6 Episodes 30 minutes long would be great.

Alex Patterson's




This would be a challenge to Dirk or any one else and that is how to get across real feat and tension

Voice casting is also a challenge as a good voice is needed for cross

The story I think could be adapted so that it was done in 90 minutes as the aim is to be tension up all through the story

James Follett's


The Light of a Thousand Suns


which was 1st Broadcast 6th July 1974 on BBC Radio 4 I think that it would be great to have this story brought up to date and given a new lease of life

I think the story could be recast in where it takes place and who is in it.


As there does seem to be a trend in doing remakes, in the film world , why not in the audio movie world?

why not start with something hard?


Neal Stephenson's


The Baroque Cycle


Yes I know there are 3 books in the series and that they cover an enormous amount of ground

But then it would not be a challenge

Just think about it for a few minutes, they said the same thing about Lord of the rings

so complex stories can be done on radio and done well


So this series would I think require a lot of work but done right the rewards are well huge

I think this is a 26 part series but not sure how much time you would need to get these 3 books and the contents over

Adapting them is going to be a long job with a lot of work

Is there a market for such a series. yes if given the a chance

Peter F. Hamilton's

Greg Mendal Series


The series has the following books Mindstar Rising, A Quantum Murder, The Nano Flower

This is a what if series that would make a great seri's of 3 6 parts each 30 minutes long

I think a lot of fun could be had with getting over the sounds and thoughts of a world like ours but not

Casting the right voice for the main character is going to be one of the facts that will make or break the project

Bernadette Strachan


The Reluctant Landlady


This is a book that really does need to be made into a radio series,

I think 6 30 minute programs would be great and would give the book a real chance to shine.

The Voice actors for the different parts is what will make or break this as a series,

Music for the show should be easy as Bernadette's husband has been known to produce the odd tune.


If I had the money I would have this produced even if the only person who got to hear it was me...

Bill Bryson's




I think that Dirk would do a great job of making 1 30-45 minute show of this book.

I don't know if it needs to be done as just a single voice reading or multi voice.

In fact I think that having a woman read this would be great, problem is which voice?


I know that this has probably already been done, with Bill Bryson doing the reading, but he's not an actor is he?

Stephen Baxter's

The H-bomb Girl


I think this book which only has 256 pages would be great as a 45 minute play.

The only snag that I can see is who do you cast for the main lead.

I think that it would be a play that people would get, not sure if BBC commissioning chaps would.

But a project that would give Dirk something that is not his usual fare, so giving him a chance to shine.

Peter James'

The Roy Grace Series


Not Dead Enough


At this time there are three books in the Roy Grace series of books.

For some reason when you read these books they are very visual, which I think would make it very easy to creat them as an audio movies series


Each book has many layers and lots of storylines it will need some good adaptation to make it work well in the audio medium.

The main characters are ones that cry out for some good casting to get just the right voice for each character.

If the first radio series is good then there are more books in the series that could also be made.

I think this book series would make a great series of 18 30 minute programs.


Some of the scenes in the book will stretch even Dirk in the audio movies dept, but then that's what it is all about

Because of some of the subject matter this is not a series for daytime radio late at night would work well


The show will need a good soundtrack that will hook the listener in, and to make the mood of the places that this book is set in.


If I had they money I would buy the rights to this series of books.


Starman Jones




If you would like to comment on any of my choices or have your own ideas why not email me


d dot williams2 at gmail dot com



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