Dirk Maggs Dolby Stereo Productions


This is a list of all the productions that I know about that Dirk has done in Dolby Surround Sound




Non-stop, high-octane superhero action. Spectacular sound effects and a thrilling specially composed orchestral score in Dolby Surround Sound.

The story follows the origins of Superman, his job at the Daily Planet, and his battles with Lex Luthor. Audio adaptation written and directed by Dirk Maggs.





Audio adaptation written & directed by Dirk Maggs, is just what you'd hope for from a Marvel Comic Book dramatised for radio.

It's a high-powered, fast paced, richly produced and wonderfully performed audio movie, complete with special effects and Dolby Surround Sound.

The story follows Peter Parker's accidental transformation into Spiderman. Also appearing along the way are The Fantastic Four,

The Sandman, The Submariner, Dr. Octopus, and The Green Goblin. The theme music is by Brian May with an original orchestral score.



Stephen Baxter’s science fiction novel dramatised by Dirk Maggs as an audio movie.

A ”what if” epic about NASA's efforts to land on Mars in 1986 and the first woman to step on the red planet. Great casting,

superb production and an excellent comprehensive music score all in cinematic Dolby Surround Sound. Convincing outerspace Astronaut banter.

This is right up there with Maggs's usual stunning production values. David Williams


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